Research papers

During my Ph.D and Post-Doc positions, I co-authored 2 papers in peer-reviewed journals. The papers discussed the role of European volcanic activity in early human migration and the fallout patterns of a volcano that erupted in Germany around 12,000 years ago.

  • Riede, F; Bazely, O; (2009) Testing the 'Laacher See hypothesis': a health hazard perspective. Journal of Archaeological Science , 36 (3) pp. 675-683. 10.1016/j.jas.2008.10.013. (PDF)
  • Riede, F., Bazely, O., Newton, A.J. and Lane C.S. (2011) A Laacher See-eruption supplement to Tephrabase: Investigating distal tephra fallout dynamics. Quaternary International 246(1-2), 134-144. (PDF)

I also prepared a paper from my Ph.D, but it remains unpublished because I didn't have enough data from one of my samples, and I had no funds left to collect more. The data that I do have is valid, so I will upload it here, in case it is useful to anyone.

  • The Y-5 Campanian Ignimbrite and Y-2 Cape Riva tephra layers identified in the sediments of the southwestern Black Sea. Bazely, O (Unpublished PDF)