I lived in Brazil for a few years, and learned Brazilian Portuguese. I also maintained a blog about Rio de Janeiro and wrote for the Rio Times newspaper. You can read those articles on this site.


Selected content from my old travel blog

This was my old travel blog from Brazil. It documents my life in Rio, including Brazilian history, tips for travellers and a (probably out of date) city guide to Rio.  I've moved most of the content over to this blog.

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Brazilian Portuguese Cheat Sheet

A handy guide for Portuguese learners

An A4 cheat-sheet I made, to carry round in my bag while living in Rio. It contains some language essentials, such as verb conjugations and prepositions. You can view it in PDF or the original Word document format.

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Rio Times Articles

A collection of articles published in the Rio Times newspaper

While I was living in Rio, I wrote for the Rio Times Newspaper, which is an English Language paper, catering for the ex-pat community in Rio. I wrote on a diverse range of topics, from favelas to architecture. I've re-posted my articles on this site.

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