I'm a big fan of Open Source Software, and use a lot of OSS when building websites. I've mostly use Ubuntu and CentOS. I like to use orchestration software like Ansible, AWS and Vagrant.

CI with Ansible, Vagrant & Jenkins

Setting up a CI workflow with Ansible, Vagrant & Jenkins

For this site, I decided to make deployment and testing easier by setting up a small Continuous Integration (CI) workflow. Ultimately, I'd like to have a self-assembling stack, that can be deployed across different platforms, allowing me to spend more time on coding.

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Website testing with Selenium

Parallel cross-browser testing on a Selenium grid

Selenium provides a way to automatically interact with a website, following a pre-determined test route. These tests often need to be run across a range of browsers. A Selenium grid is an efficient means of running a suite of tests across different browsers.

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Building VMs with Vagrant

Automated virtual machine provisioning with Vagrant

Vagrant is a good way of quickly creating VMs for a range of uses. I use it to establish base VMs for Ansible orchestration, or for testing out my orchestration scripts on different Linux distros.

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