During my Ph.D, I worked with GIS, data analysis, sedimentology and lots of other geoscientific techniques. I've posted some examples of this work, as well as my Ph.D thesis.

Ph.D Thesis

Black Sea Paleoclimate and Tephrochronology

For my Ph.D thesis, I studied the past climate of the Black Sea region, focusing on the last ice age, and the transition to the current warm period. I used a 32m-long sediment core from the bottom of the Black Sea, analysing algae, sediments, geochmistry and layers of volcanic ash.

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Dinoflagellate identification key

An online tool for identifying fossil algae

As part of my research, I spent many hours looking down a microscope, identifying fossil pollen and algae. I created a dinoflagellate identification tool, to make sure my identifications were systematic. 

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Research papers

A selection of published and unpublished research papers

I am a joint author of two research papers on volcanic ash and it's uses in climate reconstruction. I also have a few unfinished papers that might contain sections useful to others, so I have made them available online.

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Pollen identification key

A tool for the systematic identification of fossil pollen grains

As well as dinoflagellate cysts, I also analysed the pollen content of sediments. I created this tool to make sure my identification was systematic, and could be relied upon for climatic interpretation

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Online pollen database

Cambridge University Online Pollen Database

As part of my Ph.D research, I started to digitise my research group's pollen collection. This would allow pollen students from around the world to improve and expand their pollen identifications. It was also my first look at database design and web servers.

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