I've worked with PHP and Python. At the moment, I'm using Django to build websites. I also use things like Ansible to automatically construct webservers, based on Ubuntu Linux and hosted on AWS.

See the code for this site!

I've made the source code for this site available on GitHub, so you can see how it is built. It is my first Python site, and my first encounter with Django and Wagtail CMS. I've also used Bootstrap, JavaScript and lots of other tools, to speed up development.

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Django blog

A test Django blog, following the "Django by Example" text book

As well as this site, I have setup a sandbox Django site, to experiment with different approaches, and to test new tools. The site is built following the examples in a Django text book "Django by Example"

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Natural language processing

A small language analysis tool, based on NLTK and Bootstrap.

I created a tool to calculating the most frequent words in a passage of text, based on parameters such as word length and linguistic function. It uses the Natural Language Tool Kit, and outputs a simple table using Bootstrap.

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