Hi. I'm a 30-something software developer and information security specialist, living in Oxford, UK. This is my portfolio site, where I gather together my various online profiles and host some of my favourite projects.

Compliance and Information Security

I started working in IT in 2011. My first role was Compliance Officer for a small IT firm in Leicestershire. My primary aim was to setup an ISO27001:2005 compliant Information Security Management System (ISMS) and ISO9001:2008 compliant Quality Management System (QMS). I setup these systems, and the company became ISO-registered for both standards in 2013.

After successful certification, I stayed on to overhaul the IT infrastructure. This included replacing a 20+ workstation network, including new domain servers, VOIP and backup infrastructure. I then managed the migration of a live server to a new datacentre and to a virtualised architecture, based on Citrix XenServer. As the server was used to process data being submitted to the Disclosure and Barring Service, it was also necessary to update associated paperwork, such as Code of Connection and Service Level Agreements.

PHP Web Development & Project Management

As the ISMS and QMS matured, and hardware overhaul was complete, I started to contribute to web development activities. I started with simple HTML refactoring and some basic PHP, as well as setting up a more controlled software development process, moving towards a fully Agile, Continuous Integration workflow. I setup a Vagrant VM, to consistently assemble development instances of our application. 

In more recent years, I have started to work on a variety of full-stack web development tasks, including SQL stored procedures, an e-commerce portal, new user interfaces and front-end redesigns. I have also been working as an IT Manager, taking responsibility for a growing team of developers, and keeping the company networks running. I also continued to push information security forwards, adding PCI compliance to the list of certifications, as well as transitioning to ISO27001:2013, and being successfully inspected by the ICO.

Python Development

Starting in March 2017, I am on a short sabbatical, in order to retrain on Python. I like the elegance and ethos of Python, as well as the broad range of applications beyond web development. I am training myself through text books and online courses. This portfolio site is built with Python, and hosted on AmazonWebServices. For my most recent Python projects, please see the projects page.


I grew up in the countryside of the East Midlands and went to school in Loughborough. Surrounded by fields, I became interested in the natural environment as an adolescent, and spent quite a lot of time hiking and camping. When not outdoors, I was also interested in technology and computers. With a friend, I assembled a computer at the age of 16, carefully matching components and installing drivers. 

Academic Experience

Aged 18, I moved to Leeds, to attend the university there, studying physical geography, and specialising in the reconstruction of past climates, through the analysis of sediment and fossils. I enjoyed this immensely, and continued my studies at Cambridge University, where I gained a Masters and then a Ph.D. These degrees allowed me to develop a solid quantitative skillset, including information technology, which I used for data analysis, graphical data presentation and typesetting. They also helped me to develop my technical writing and communication, as well as general problem solving. At the end of my Ph.D, I got the opportunity to go to Brazil for a post-doctoral research position. I had always wanted to learn a language, and to experience life outside of Europe, so I moved to Rio de Janeiro for 2 years. 

Curriculum Vitae

If the embedded PDF doesn't display correctly, you can either install the PDF viewer plugin for your browser, e.g. PDF Viewer for Chrome, or try another browser. Alternatively, you can download my CV directly from here.